Ready to collaborate with your data?


Get data, give data

Trudat is building a massive data repository, gathered from thousands of domain-specific repositories, mostly from academic and government sources. These have Open licenses so can be explored with Trudat's built-in data toolkit, or export to your preferred tool.


See the data

Trudat helps you get to know a data set. The best way to do that is to browse the raw values, see how they're organized, whether its clean or dirty. If you can make sense of it here, then you are ready to look at distributions and deeper questions.


Visual filters

When you're ready to filter, sort, and group the data, there are simple controls ready to go. The tool knows how to present your data based on it's type and distribution. No setup required.


Work as a team!

If you find something worth sharing in the data, share your insight with the community. When you click it, Trudat loads all the associated query details. Now your data is social. All of the community's insights are available to you. It's an ongoing conversation.


What's the learning curve?

Getting your data into Trudat is as simple as uploading an excel or csv file. Once it's uploaded, it's ready to be explored.

Can I try it? We'll keep you in the loop